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Error downloading IGTV Video ?

While downloading IGTV video, if your are encountering any error. To troubleshoot follow the tips exactly as given below.

1 : First your aim is to obtain the URL link of the IGTV video that you wish to download. Make sure you copy and paste the IGTV url link correctly in the input box given above.

2 : The copied URL link should only begin with "https/http" and nothing else. You should not be leave any space before "https" or you will get error.

3 : The correct URL format supported by this IGTV downloader is https://www.instagram.com/tv/BqPdMNjgh4a/. So, stricly follow this URL pattern.

5 : If the correct URL address is provided in input filed then you will be redirected to the download page. If you still get error then better try after some time, the Instagram server might be overloaded at that time.

6. Finally, if you are using desktop then right click on the "download link" button and save it to your local drive. In case of Android phone, just "tap" on the button and select "Download link".

That's it !!!